Get Ready to Sweat: Introducing Our May Group Fitness Calendar!

Hey, Bulldog Gym members! We’re thrilled to roll out our May group fitness calendar, packed with exciting classes to keep you motivated and moving. Get ready to crush your fitness goals with a lineup that’s sure to challenge and inspire you!

Weekly Wednesday Afternoon Cycling Showdown!

We’re shaking things up this May with our new Wednesday afternoon cycling series, featuring our state-of-the-art Fitness on Demand virtual cycling programs. Join us every Wednesday at 5:30 PM for an exhilarating ride through some of the best cycling experiences around.

What’s on the Cycling Menu?

  • The Trip: Embark on a virtual journey like no other with Les Mills’ immersive cycling experience. Feel the burn as you pedal through breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrain.
  • RPM: Get your heart racing with RPM, a high-intensity indoor cycling class set to energetic music. Push your limits and conquer hills, sprints, and interval training.
  • Spint: Get ready for an intense cardio workout with Spint cycling. Sweat it out as you tackle fast-paced rides designed to torch calories and build endurance.
  • Intelligent Cycling: Engage your mind and body with Intelligent Cycling, a cutting-edge cycling program that adapts to your fitness level and goals. Experience personalized workouts tailored to maximize your results.
  • Revolution Cycling: Join the revolution with Revolution Cycling, a dynamic cycling experience that combines music, motivation, and intensity. Ride to the rhythm and push yourself to new heights.

Highlighting a Different Program Each Week

To keep things fresh and exciting, we’ll shine the spotlight on a different cycling program every Wednesday. Whether you’re craving an adrenaline-fueled ride or a scenic journey through virtual landscapes, there’s something for everyone in our cycling lineup.

Stay Tuned for Other Group Fitness Favorites

While we’re bringing you the best in virtual cycling, rest assured that our other group fitness classes remain unchanged. From yoga and Zumba to strength training and HIIT, we’ve got everything you need to stay active and engaged.

Mark Your Calendars and Join Us!

Don’t miss out on the action this May! Grab your water bottle, clip into your bike, and get ready to pedal your way to fitness success. Check out our full group fitness schedule for class times and descriptions, and we’ll see you in the studio!

Let’s make May our strongest month yet—see you on the bike!