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Free access for Bulldog Gym Members for 45 Days

45 Day Free Trial for ATHLETE MONTHLY Plan – Cancel Anytime to not be billed. ROMWOD has assured us if COVID-19 is still a big issue they will extend this beyond 45 days. ROMWOD does require a billing method to activate account, but you will not be charged and you can cancel at anytime with 45 Days to avoid billing. Bulldogs here’s your opportunity to get really Swole and Flexy at home!


Access to 100+ workouts including BodyPump. No credit card required. Full catalog of Les Mills workouts are available with a 14-day trial at www.lesmillsondemand.com. Credit card is required for this option.

International Health & Racket Sports Association

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Resources include free access to Orange Theory Fitness and Crunch Fitness Live and many more!