Monday Motivation 02-06-23 “Choosing Your Hard: The Importance of Making the Right Choice for Your Health and Fitness”

By Jamel Gude

When it comes to fitness and health, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that exercise is just too hard. Lifting heavy weights and doing vigorous cardio can be challenging, but so is dealing with the negative effects of being out of shape and dealing with health issues. The question becomes, which hard do we choose?

Many individuals neglect structured exercise because they see it as a hassle. Weightlifting and cardio, along with proper dieting, may not be ideal for some because it is not easy. However, as the old saying goes, good things don’t come easy. Many of us want to be fit, healthy and toned, but we don’t want to take the necessary steps to achieve these goals.

It’s important to remember that we are not obligated to go to the gym or exercise. However, everything comes with trade-offs. Neglecting one lifestyle can force us to settle for another. The question then becomes, which lifestyle do we prefer? Do we choose a sedentary lifestyle that encompasses poor health and fitness or an active lifestyle that promotes good health and fitness? Each choice comes with discomfort and challenges. Both are hard. So, we must choose our hard.

In conclusion, when it comes to fitness and health, it’s not always easy. But as the old saying goes, “good things don’t come easy.” We have the power to choose our own path to health and fitness. We must decide which lifestyle we want to lead and which “hard” we’re willing to accept. By making the right choice, we can strive towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

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