Monday Motivation 02-20-23 The Instant Mood Boost: How Starting a Workout Makes You Feel Better

By: Russ Watts

As the owner of Bulldog Gym for close to a decade, I’ve learned that even when you don’t feel like working out, it’s worth it to push past your resistance and just get started. You may have noticed that you usually feel much better immediately after starting a workout, even if you didn’t feel like starting. That’s because exercise has an instant mood-boosting effect that can help you feel better physically and mentally. Often, all we need to do is push through the first few minutes of resistance, and we’re rolling!

As someone who has completed a few running streak challenges and is currently doing the 75-Hard challenge, I can attest to the power of getting started. There have been plenty of days where I didn’t feel like running or sticking to my daily routine, but once I pushed past that initial resistance and got started, the rest of the challenge seemed much more manageable.

The same goes for your fitness journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve hit a plateau, pushing past your resistance and starting your workout can make all the difference. It’s not always easy, but the benefits of exercise are well worth the effort.

At Bulldog Gym, we’re here to help you overcome that resistance and experience the benefits of exercise firsthand. Our team of trainers and staff are dedicated to providing you with the support and motivation you need to get started and stick with your fitness routine.

Remember, starting your workout is often the hardest part. But once you push past that resistance, you’ll feel an instant mood boost that can make the rest of your day much better. So, set a small, achievable goal, change your environment, find an accountability partner, and focus on how you’ll feel after. With these tips and the support of Bulldog Gym, you can overcome your resistance and achieve your fitness goals. Get started today 💪✨!