6 Tips for Easing Back into Fitness After Injury, Illness, or Life Interruptions

Injuries, illnesses, and life interruptions can derail your fitness routine, but getting back on track doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few simple tips, you can make your return to fitness safe and successful.

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Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Take It Easy: When returning to fitness, it’s important to ease into it. Start out slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts over time. Don’t try to go too hard too soon, as this can lead to further injury or setbacks.
  2. Follow Doctor’s Recommendations: If you have experienced an injury or illness, it’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to returning to fitness. They may advise you to start with low-impact activities, such as swimming or walking, before gradually increasing the intensity.
  3. Listen to Your Body: When returning to fitness, it’s important to listen to your body. If something feels wrong or uncomfortable, stop immediately and assess the situation. Don’t push yourself too hard if your body is telling you to take it easy.
  4. Incremental Increases in Activity or Weights: When returning to fitness, it’s important to make incremental increases in activity or weights. This will ensure that you don’t overdo it and can help you avoid injury or setbacks.
  5. Pick a Better Picture: When returning to fitness, it’s important to pick a better picture of yourself. Look for pictures that motivate you and remind you of why you are going through the effort to get back in shape.
  6. Have Fun: Lastly, make sure to have some fun while returning to fitness. Exercising should be enjoyable, and if it’s not, you may not stick with it. Find activities you enjoy and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Returning to fitness after an injury, illness, or life interruption can be challenging, but with these 6 tips and the support of a great gym like Bulldog Gym, you can make sure your return to fitness is safe and successful.