Monday Motivation 1-23-23 “Discipline is Key”

It’s easy to show up and work out when you’re motivated, but it’s much more difficult to sustain when motivation peters out 😒.  That’s where discipline and habit-building help. 

Bulldog Gym trainer, Garrison Williams, recognizes this and focuses on discipline to keep pushing himself when his motivation wanes.  He also encourages his clients to develop discipline.

“Let’s keep it real, motivation is fire, but it can also be a bit all over the place”, says Garrison. “Like one day you’re feeling hyped to crush your workout and the next you’re feeling like a total couch potato.
That’s why discipline is key. When you’re disciplined, you’re accountable to yourself and you show up for your workout even on the days when you don’t feel like it. You make sure you’re reaching your goals and you’re consistent. So don’t just wait around for motivation to hit you, create it by being disciplined. You got this.”

Wise words, indeed, Garrison!

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