• Ben Manville Achieves American Council on Exercise Youth Fitness Designation
    Congrats to Ben Manville for achieving the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Youth Fitness Designation! This designation provides the knowledge, resources, and tools to help create safe and effective fitness programs for children and adolescents. #ACEYouthFitnessDesignation #YouthFitness #FitnessGoals #FitnessMotivation
  • The Importance of Consistency in Fitness: Jessica Edward’s Tips for Staying on Track
    Fitness is a journey, and like any journey, consistency is key. Bulldog Gym training, Jessica Edwards, shares her tips for maintaining consistency.
  • The Power of a Supportive Fitness Community: A Member’s Testimonial
    Fitness is not just about physical health, it’s also about mental and emotional well-being. This is something that one of our members, Ayana Darby, has experienced firsthand on her eight-year fitness journey.
  • Get Ready to Sweat: Maximize Your Workouts this February with New Classes!
    Get ready to sweat! Our February class schedule is now available and it’s packed with a variety of fitness options to keep you on track with your goals. We have something for everyone.
  • A Clean and Safe Workout Experience: The Importance of Gym Cleanliness
    At Bulldog Gym, we take pride in the cleanliness of our facility. We understand that a clean and safe workout environment is essential for our members to achieve their fitness goals. That’s why we have implemented several measures to ensure that our gym is always spotless.
  • Bulldog Gym Boxing Equipment
    Are you looking to add some variety to your fitness routine? Look no further than Bulldog Gym! Our group fitness room is equipped with a heavy bag and a speed bag, perfect for incorporating some boxing into your workout.
  • Monday Motivation 1-23-23 “Discipline is Key”
    It’s easy to show up and work out when you’re motivated, but it’s much more difficult to sustain when motivation peters out 😒.  That’s where discipline and habit building helps.  Bulldog Gym trainer, Garrison Williams, recognizes this and focuses on discipline to keep pushing himself when his motivation wanes.
  • 75 Hard Challenge Kicks off on February 1st.
    Are you ready for a challenge? Looking to push yourself to the limit and see what you’re truly capable of? Join us for #75Hard, an intense physical and mental transformation program. For 75 days, you’ll push yourself through a rigorous workout regimen, strict diet plan, and daily habit development. You’ll be held accountable by a community of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal. This program is not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to put in the work, the results are undeniable. You’ll see improvements in your physical fitness, mental toughness, and overall well-being. The…
  • Self-Defense Seminar with Ted Manolis
    Join us on Saturday, February 18th for a powerful and empowering self-defense seminar where you will learn practical and effective techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones in real-world situations.
  • Staff Spotlight -Todd Mooney
    Meet Todd Mooney, our Retail and Equipment Manager at Bulldog Gym! You may have seen him manning the front desk, but Todd does so much more behind the scenes.