Monday Motivation 1-16-23

The body is a work of art, created to be strong and capable.

This week’s Monday Motivation quote celebrates the beauty and strength of the human body and encourages us to appreciate and care for it.

Bulldog Gym personal trainer, Elena Fields, shares that appreciating her body for the miraculous thing that it is, encourages her to remain on track with her health and fitness goals. She adds, “…it helps me to think of how hard my body works for me every day. My lungs take in oxygen and provide my cells with nourishment, my kidneys are working to clean my blood, my heart is beating and my circulatory system is functioning, etc. So often we become impatient or upset with ourselves and want more from our bodies. We work hard and don’t always see immediate results. Sometimes appreciating the simple functions we all take for granted is enough motivation for me to love myself and my body and keep me on a path of healthy, positive behaviors like eating well, working out, and getting enough rest.”

Elena, thank you for sharing this inspirational thought!  

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