Welcome Elena Fields -Personal Trainer

Elena has enjoyed an active lifestyle for 40+ years. In her early life, she found her enjoyment through team sports, playing soccer and softball, and as a competitive varsity cheerleader in high school. During her junior year, she started weight training to build strength as a base to assist with pyramids and stunts.

During her twenties, she gained a new appreciation for running and set a goal to complete at least one marathon.
She went above and beyond by selecting a hilly and challenging terrain in San Francisco for her first course! Several marathons (mostly half-marathons) followed and allowed Elena to travel and enjoy being outdoors, something that is very important to her.

A re-birth of her love of weight training blossomed while on a sabbatical from her corporate job in 2015; this sparked her desire to push herself with a new challenge, to compete in her first NPC bikini competition in 2019, the Lee Haney Games. Another competition is in her future, possibly in 2023!
An avid animal lover, Elena continues to pursue her bodybuilding and weight training goals, which also help her to be a better horseback rider. Beginning in 2020, Elena started to compete in Hunter/Jumper competitions.
She lives on a small farm with her husband Andy, five dogs, one cat, 14 chickens, her warmblood mare LuLu and her retired lease warmblood, Dudley.

Elena is a living example of what she believes, fitness changes and evolves with us as we pursue life and our goals. Fitness is truly for everyone but it may take a different shape or form as we move into new stages of our lives.

Elena is pursuing her corrective exercise certification through NASM in 2023 and cannot wait to help her clients at Bulldog Gym accomplish their goals!