Monday Motivation 1-4-23 “Finish the Drill”

Bulldog Gym trainer, Ben Manville, has adopted the phrase “Finish the Drill” as a personal mantra to motivate himself to tackle and complete the tough things in life -inside or outside of the gym 💪💪.

The phrase likely originates from military training, where drills are used to teach and practice specific procedures or tasks. It may be used to encourage someone to complete a task or exercise in a thorough and efficient manner. It could also be used more generally in any situation where someone is encouraged to complete a task or process.

Over a decade ago, Coach Mark Richt at the University of Georgia, introduced a concept known as “Finish the Drill.” It was the motto of team practices, workouts, and games. Coach Richt understood that good teams become championship teams based on their ability to finish strong.

Thanks, Ben for sharing this encouraging expression and what it means to you!

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