We’re so excited to participate in ML&J Christmas For Kids for our FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR!!!

This year you can select your chosen contribution online or by signing up as usual at the gym.

To specify your gift online go to signup.

If you signup at the gym, we ask that you simply write your name in the “NAME” section (or “Anonymous” if you’d prefer) on the gift board. Whenever you bring the gift back, please put a check mark in the “Returned to Box” section. Post-it’s are available underneath the gift board for you to make yourself a note about which gift you are taking.

Because our members are always so generous, we are usually given some of the neediest families, so any additional gifts (clothes, food, toiletries, etc.) are always welcome! If you want to get something someone else has already penciled in as getting or something that’s not on the lists, please just let us know so we can note it. No wrapping is necessary, but if you do, please let us know what the gift is so we can label it correctly. In lieu of gift donations, cash and checks are always welcome as well! Please just make checks out to Bulldog Gym. These will go towards gifts not selected and/or an Ingles Gift Card.