FitCamp sessions will consist primarily of 1-hour metcons (i.e., metabolic conditioning). You should have a base level of endurance and overall fitness before attempting this program. The program will be limited to 10 participants.


This FitCamp session is a 10-week, 20-class program that will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM. This session will begin on Labor Day and the Labor Day class will meet at 9:00AM.

All sessions will last approximately 1-hour.


The total price is $25 for members and $100 for non-members. There will be no pro-rating of fees for partial program access. Your payment will secure your spot.


For questions about this program, contact us here.

Meet the Coaches

Amanda Comer

Amanda is a Bulldog Gym member with a passion for helping and supporting others in their fitness journey.  She has an extensive fitness background, having previously held a Crossfit L1 Coach designation.  She has also coached classes at local fitness clubs in McDonough, GA.  Amanda resides here in Jasper County with her 12 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter and is excited to be apart of the Bulldog Gym family! 

Randal Lane

Randal, his wife Rena’, and two daughters (age 18 and 22), all joined Bulldog Gym earlier this year after moving to the Jasper County/Jackson Lake area full time.  Randal is excited about coaching and encouraging others who also share his passion for fitness and overall quality of life. After turning 40 well over a decade ago and committing to “getting fit,” he embraced competitive 5K running and sprint/olympic distance triathlons where he eventually ranked 2nd in the state of Georgia in the “Clydesdale” weight division (i.e., over 200 lbs.).  After knee issues limited his ability to run, Randal pivoted to competitive Crossfit where he quickly excelled, eventually qualifying for and competing in the 2014 Masters Division Global Crossfit Games where he held the title of one of the Top 20 fittest men in the world in the 45 – 49 age group.  In 2015, he finished 21st in the world in the 45 – 49 age group as part of the Crossfit Games qualifying process before later qualifying for and finishing 3rd in the National Granite Games crossfit competition in Minnesota.  Along the way, Randal held training certifications in Masters Crossfit training, Olympic Lifting, and L1 Crossfit Coaching.  Randal is extremely excited to be a part of and have an opportunity to coach our Bulldog Gym family!