Discover New Ways to Exercise at Bulldog Gym

Bulldog Gym is the perfect place to switch up your workout routine! From classes to partner workouts and more, there are plenty of ways to try something new and stay motivated. Here are some of the ways you can mix up your routine at Bulldog Gym:

  1. Try a New Class: Bulldog Gym offers a wide variety of classes for all levels. From several styles of Yoga, Silver Sneakers, Ride and Sculpt, Spin, Bulldog Pump, and Zumba, you can find the perfect class to challenge yourself and discover something new. Check out our class schedule here.
  2. Work Out with a Partner: Whether you want to bring a friend or just meet someone new, working out with a partner is a great way to stay motivated and push yourself to reach your goals. 
  3. Work Out at a Different Time of Day: Are you a morning person or an evening person? Switching up the time of day you work out can help you to stay motivated and find new inspiration. Of course, Bulldog Gym is open to members 24×7 so you’re free to workout anytime!
  4. Work Out on a Different Day of the Week: If you typically work out on the weekends, why not switch it up and try a weekday workout? You’ll be surprised at how energized you feel.
  5. Buy Some New Workout Clothing: A new workout wardrobe is perfect for motivating yourself to hit the gym. Bulldog Gym’s apparel shop has everything you need to look and feel your best while working out.

So what are you waiting for? Discover new ways to exercise and stay motivated at Bulldog Gym!